What We Do

We look for opportunities to invest time and money in Pioneering, Digital, Cuba related companies. We add value by growing these companies to become their best.

Investment Process

We continuously study our selected industries and potential investments.
Based on a staged, proven process, we work closely with the owners of our target companies to…

co-create strategies, including potential exit-strategies.

co-create business plans with long term-, medium- and short-term goals.
co-create financials with forecasts, cash flow and establish financial KPI’s.
we contribute capital and time for ownership transitions or recapitalizations

Investment Criteria

We focus on Pioneering, Digital, Cuba related companies in the Travel, IT Services and Entertainment industries.

Investment Management

We support the management teams of our portfolio companies with these key components:

Vision – To make sure everyone is 100 percent on the same page about where we’re going and how we’re going to get there.

People – By coaching and mentoring we help people to grow, both professionally and personally, so that our companies grow.

Issues – We help our companies to become effective in Identifying, Discussing and ultimately Solving any issues to make them go away forever.

Data – We help to boil down our businesses to a handful of objective numbers (financial and operational) that give an absolute pulse on where things are going.

Process – In order to create consistency and scalability in our companies we assist in identifying core processes that define the way to run our companies.

Traction – We help to bring discipline and accountability into each company. We help to take the vision down to the ground and help to make it real.

Since Destino became an investor in Puntilla Music, we have improved our overall performance. We have more focus; our team is more accountable, and we are on more solid financial footing. I feel very confident indeed about both our short term and long-term prospects

Claudio Pairot, founder & CEO of Puntilla Music.